You have entered into the territory of TD Family. In TD, we,

Respect, help, cooperate and coordinate with each other.

Accomplish our tasks in the most appropriate manner and provide works in the best conditions to the next responsible teammates towards the highest possible working efficiency and product quality.

Continuously create and capture innovative ideas and develop them into proper standard operating procedures to resolve troubles and discrepancies which we are facing in daily operational activities.

Work as a team and share a common goal.

Working Guidelines

If we can’t think clearly, we can’t express unequivocally. If we can’t express unequivocally, we can’t compile accurately. If we can’t compile accurately, we can’t implement thoroughly.

Suy nghĩ chính xác

Think Clearly

We try our upmost efforts in our daily jobs, think, analyze and create ideas and proposals in details as minutiae decide the outcome.
Thể Hiện Rõ Ràng

Express Unequivocally

Being a creator, all thoughts and ideas must be expressed clearly and unequivocally to avoid misunderstandings and misconceptions.
Truyền Đạt đầy đủ

Compile Accurately

All written documents must be focused, consistent with the objectives and accuracy to avoid wasteful execution and accumulations of junk documents & files.
Thực Hiện Nghiêm Túc

Implement Thoroughly

The key lies in the implementation. An imperfect decision would be better than a perfect decision if it is implemented in place thoroughly, whereas the perfect decision was being implemented slovenly and inefficiently.

Customer Intimacy

We recognize that it costs 5 times more in resources to find a new customer than to keep an existing one happy, and a delighted customer takes 10 times less effort to retain compared to a new customer.
In TD, customer service is not just a mere slogan, good customer service leads to customer loyalty, while drives market growth. It is not just the members of Customer Service Department, but all members of TD Family share the same responsibilities in Customer Care.
In order to ensure external customer satisfaction, we first assure internal customer satisfaction. We make sure that we meet the expectation and pass our works in the most appropriate conditions to the teammates in the next process. An internal customer is as important as the external customer, because each and everyone of us receives a product and service in every function, order processing, production processes, quality control, etc. When the internal customer satisfaction is achieved, the total satisfaction of the external customer is assured. We strive to continually improve and maintain tailored problem solving capabilities and provide greater adaptation of products to customer needs.